Can you make money online?

Do you have what it takes?

Many years ago, during my studies, I learned that in general there are two types of persons:

  • Those who can experiment and research for years without knowing if they’ll find a solution in their lifetime.

  • And those who want instant gratification.

The first group of people do well in jobs as researchers…

The second do well as merchants.

You buy a thing to resell?

You’ll know within minutes after you’ve offered it to the public if it was a flop or a success.

Which group do you belong to?

If you say “the first,” then you’ll be testing all kinds of stuff, for months, to find what works for you and what will make you enough money online to live a worry-free life.

I bet Jeff Bezos belongs to this first group. In fact, I read recently in an interview with him, that he didn’t even believe in Amazon. And it did take many years before it made a surplus.

I’m mostly in the second group. I don’t mind experimenting, but I want to know as fast as possible if it works or not.

I have spent months doing things where I didn’t know if it would ever bring me any money. But after max six months, I stopped.

I have created Malka Club with one major goal in mind:

Giving the members a win already the first month.

That first win is SO important, because it’s the one that gives the member the feeling of:


What’s inside the membership is probably not unique.

The thing that makes Malka Club work is:

  • The step-by-step approach.
  • The do a little every day.
  • The quick feedback that I give to every comment.

You do the work. I take no credit for that. But I’m here to help you and encourage you.

I’ve also weeded out all the failed approaches I’ve done myself. There’s no need for you to waste money or time trying those, too.

Malka Club is built on MY experience, and created so that everything is easy.

Just like learning a new language, you’re not supposed to know all 200,000 words by heart the first day.

You learn one word. Then two. Then three.

We build up skills, little by little.

Gurus will tell you that what’s working is to do webinars and sell high-ticket products.

Sure, they are right.

But that’s not where they started. They got there one small step at a time.

So instead of overwhelming you, inside Malka Club you’ll learn to take those steps in a protected environment.

You’ll feel safe. You won’t hurt yourself if you fall, and I’m there to pick you up and tell you to try again, if you should fall.

If you’re ready to give Malka Club a try, I can offer you a discount on your first month.

Normal monthly subscription is $9.96. Try one month for only $5.

And you can, obviously, cancel your subscription anytime yourself.

Join the club here:

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