Imagine YOU had 1000+ books published

It rained here today.

It started last night… Even thought I wore a headset, I suddenly heard it pouring down.

When I went to the other living room where the balcony door and all windows were open, I could smell the rain.


But think about it…

Even one drop of rain is powerful. Thousands can create a flood.

It’s the same thing about income sources (sources, right? like a source of water).

It starts small, with one tiny source. But add more and more, and suddenly you have a flood pouring into your bank account.

Imagine that your books on average only sell ONE copy.

That’s around $2 in royalties.

Imagine have 1,000 books published. That’s $2,000 already.

And I would be surprised if you only made $2 per book on average.

Personally, I’ve roughly made $250 from 32 books (I say roughly, because I earned royalties in several currencies).

That’s $7.81 per book on average.

That all sounds great, and if I had 1,000 books up there, I would make almost $8K. Nice.

There is a problem though.

Most courses will teach you complicated keyword researches, evaluations, and more.

That is all good – for later.

But to begin with, quantity and quality is more important than choosing the “perfect” book to publish.

That is why I love Michelle Brubaker’s course.

She gives you:

  • A way to find ideas, fast. You don’t think, you just do.
  • A way to create your books fast. You get cover templates and content templates (dots, lines, blank pages).

Instead of doing hours of research (which I did in the past), double-guessing your choice (which I have done in the past), and ending up deciding that nah, you’ll do this another day (which I have also done in the past), you get a method that is quick and effective.

And Michelle has 11+ best-sellers already, so her method isn’t that crazy, after all.

I highly recommend that you join. And I don’t think you will regret it.

Again, here are the steps:

  1. Join Michelle’s course by clicking the link below.
  2. Go through Module 1 (you can watch the rest later).
  3. Use the templates to put your notebook together.
  4. Put it up for sale (easy, when you follow Michelle’s PDF).
  5. Repeat the process a few more time and earn passive income.

Click here:

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