“Lots didn’t sell,” she confessed

Have you ever listened to an expert talk about their favorite topic?

They always sound so certain, right? As if they’ve known this their whole life.

They’ve never failed. Did it right always.


Probably not. But that’s not what they tell the public, and that’s probably how it should be.

But when I listened to module 1 or 2 (forgot) of Michelle Brubaker’s course Create Journals, Notebooks and Planners and somebody asked how she knew if her notebooks would sell, she laughed.

“Lots of them didn’t sell.”

So how can I recommend you get a course from somebody who doesn’t have a 100% success rate?

  1. Because that’s not what happens in real life. Nobody, who is successful, hits the nail every time.

  2. People, who never fail, never win either, because they are too afraid to try things out.

  3. Michelle realized that she didn’t pick a winner every time, so she worked her way through lots of methods to finally find one that took her very little time.

One that allowed her to test a lot of ideas without being afraid of wasting her time.

Michelle uses PowerPoint.

I’ve always been against that idea, because PowerPoint??? I mean… PowerPoint?

Get real, right?

REAL notebook creaters use complicated programs. We sweat and bleed over our journals.

Okay, I got a little carried away here.

Anyway, after I checked Michelle’s course, I decided to try her method. And I put together a nice-looking little notebook – from idea to having hit publish – in 19 minutes and some seconds.

After that, I was sold!

This is good stuff, made by someone who has sold more than 10K notebooks herself.

Michelle knows her stuff, and she teaches it well.

I highly recommend that you take these three steps:

  1. Buy Michelle’s course (1 minute)
  2. Watch module 1 (one hour+)
  3. Create and publish a notebook (20 mins+)

It all starts here: https://clq.cx/createjournals

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