Not my friend :(

How do you feel about emails and sales pages…

… that boldly claim that this or that big name marketer is the writer’s friend?

“My friend [insert big and well-known name here] has just created bla bla bla.”

Do you believe it?

I don’t.

And I never write “my friend” about someone who is NOT my friend.

That’s why I objected in the following case.

I bought resell rights to one of Jason Fladlien’s brilliant courses.

The issue was, though, that I was not allowed to set the price to less than $19 or MAKE CHANGES TO THE SALES PAGE.

And the sales page mentioned–twice–“my friend Jason Fladlien.”

It’s not that I don’t like Jason. I have nothing against him.

But he doesn’t know me at all.

How can we be friends, then? Not possible.

So I contacted him (aka his support) and had to wait for permission to remove “my friend” twice.

I got it – and now it’s with great pleasure that I present:

Crushing the Objections.

Grab it here:

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