Put buyers on your list for $5

Here’s a unique offer you don’t see elsewhere.

Build your list, even from scratch, for only $5.

Soloads? Junk traffic?

Not at all. We’re talking quality subscribers here. Real buyers. The best type of subscribers you can get.

Not because they aren’t freebie seekers.

But because they showed that they can make up their minds.

They care about their business.

They don’t just grab something because it’s free and never look at it.

So how is this possible?

Kelvin, a member of Malka Club and passionate dog lover, told me yesterday that he now had 31 buyers on his list. He started with 0.

He paid $5 to get access to Malka Club.

Followed the easy steps, created to NOT overwhelm people, and now he has not just 31 buyers on his list, but also three affiliates who are waiting eagerly for his next product.

He did all that his first month on Malka Club.

Can you imagine the months of struggle he just skipped there by building his list so fast?

His niche isn’t even IM. It’s dogs. Go figure.

Two other people (at least) are on their way with products I personally will buy and promote.

Yours could be next…

Try out Malka Club for $5 for one month.

After that, it’s only $9.96 per month.

Click here to join today: https://malka.biz/malkaclub/

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