Spend more than you earn?

How is your journey towards making money online going?

Are you making progress?

Or are you spending more than you earn in the hope of making it big?

Sadly, that’s what I hear from a lot of subscribers.

Some have even gone broke after investing in bold promise after bold promise.

We buy the dream…

And smart marketers know that.

“Make $100 per day with as little as 1000 subscribers”

sells a lot better than

“Put in 1 hour of work daily, and after a month or so, you may make a little money.”

Which one would you buy?

Both are true…

But some things are left out from the first statement. Namely the same that is said openly in the second statement. And that it takes time to build up a business from zero to $100/day.

If you keep buying the first kind of products, you keep investing in a dream.


“Investing” is not the right word.

You keep wasting money on something that stays a dream.

Because with a promise like that, you don’t oblige yourself to put in work. Your brain will feel that it’s enough to buy the product.

You got your reward.

You already feel better for buying this “make $100 with 1000” product.

But after a short while, it doesn’t feel satisfying anymore.

Your brain craves more dopamine. It wants a fix, now.

And luckily, there are plenty of that around. How about a “how to get 20 new subscribers per day” product?

That’s also possible. But they forget to tell you that it takes some work.

You don’t have to choose between pleasure and pain

If the fast solutions are pleasure ($100 per day, 20 subscribers…) then “putting in the work” seems like pain, right?

Sure. It could be. If your work is to clean public toilets. Or dig ditches with a spade.

But doing “work” online can be a pleasure. I’ll tell you more about this tomorrow.

First, I’ll share these words with you. They came from a member of Malka Club, and you can read them inside:

"Well here’s something to consider…

"I’ve been making a mess of this IM/MMO thing for a couple of decades – dipping in and out when I was still working full time (well between contracts, anyway) and I’ve spent more money than I’d like to admit.

"But, since I’ve been on this course, I’ve achieved the first positive ROI ever.

And I could be wrong, but it felt like this person had fun all the way from day one to day 30.

He also grew his list from 0 to 20+.

If you’re tired of wasting money on dreams that stay dreams, then come join us inside Malka Club.

Your first month is only $5, and you can make that back the same month by following the steps. One member even made $100 his first month.

Click here to join today: https://malka.biz/malkaclub/

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